How To Make The Best Pasta Sauce | Delish Insanely Easy


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  1. Anyone can make anything taste good by throwing in a stick of butter. That's not cooking. That's freaking lazy and gross. I really hate this IDGAF attitude. You might as well just buy a jar of Prego or Classico. OMIT THE BUTTER, ADD SOME GRATED PARM INSTEAD. NOBODY EATS BUTTER IN ITALY. If you're going to spend time making a tutorial on cooking, please do it thoughtfully and skillfully. ELEVATE US!!

  2. U dont throw away the rinse water of the can but use it into the sauce…u dont fucking throw away the onions but chop em up and melt them into the sauce …and wtf a whole stick of butter? In this day n age of awesome authetic pasta videos on youtube. U certainly dont make the cut, sorry

  3. A good olive oil is a much better and healthier ingredient than butter, and it is far more common in Italy. I am Italian from Roma and I don't know anyone using butter in a tomato sauce. Also, why do you make such a big amount for yourself? Italians do not eat such big portions. We eat a small plate of pasta as primi. Sorry, I would not say anything but she start the video saying this cookbook teaches Americans authentic Italian. this is not authentic…

  4. She might as well deep fries the pasta sauce. This is the lazy way of cooking a pasta sauce. A stick butter will make anything taste delicious; even a pair of old stinking sock!!!

  5. For all the triggered people this recipe is originally Marcella Hazans (an italian chef) so stfu. Plus I was skeptical and it felt wrong just adding everything to the pot without frying the onions/garlic first but this pasta sauce is divine!

  6. I spent some time scrolling through the comments and I am shocked at the negativity that still prevails in this world. If you have nothing good to say, go to another video until you see something that better suits you.

  7. One thing they do in Italy is to put the pasta in the sauce instead of on a plate and then sauce it. I noticed you did that too. I like your simple sauce recipe but I think some herbs added wouldnt hurt, also Olive oil…

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