How to make the best French Macaron Recipe for no hollows


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  1. I'm sorry, how can you call this "the best French Macaron…"? I've been baking macarons for quite some time now, I'm always looking for new tips and tricks to make them, that means I like to every now and then look up for utube videos. How can you make such a simple 3 ingredient recipe soon complicated. On top of that with such poor results! One thing I agree with you is, the oven is a key component, now, the pizza stone and the wood spoon… bunch of non scientific nonsense!

  2. completely amateur and misinformed. and that's just from watching 6 minutes in, because let's just say it, no one is going to sit through 54 minutes of that. can you pipe batter onto a sheet without printouts? if not, can you pipe on parchment paper when those circles can be seen through it? if not, and you're going to just mark the edges of the circles, then did you really need those circles?

    so this pattern of stressing way too much matches this 54 minute expectation you had of us, and also matches your 5 day old egg whites. meanwhile, everyone knows (except YOU) that fresh egg whites whip up better.

    people, the best video out there on macarons is by a French PROFESSIONAL CHEF named Julien. search "macarons Julien Saveurs". you will never need another macaron video.

  3. Why do you have to take out 1/2 cup of the dry ingredients if you are not going to use it? It doesn't make sense. Then you might as well edit your recipe to avoid this issue. And in your video you are using 4 oz of egg whites and in your website recipe it says 6 to 6.3 egg whites, which is which?

  4. I REALLY enjoyed watching the video as well as the way your tutorial is more like a conversation.  I am always interested in seeing how others approach the macaron.  However, I really think you are making it more complicated than it needs to be.  I don't know whether it's just that I have a knack for making macarons, but my first ever attempt was successful.  My preferred way is the Italian method and making a paste of the dough by making a well in the powder sugar/almond flour mixture into which I add 83 grams of egg whites (I only age them for 24 hours on my counter).  I prefer the Italian method because the meringue is a lot more stable.

  5. I have to agree that this video is WAY too long. The best part of it was showing the macronage stage without taking camera off the bowl. Not many videos do that. (Also showing the Saran Wrap trick for filling a piping bag I've seen a few times on YouTube.) I looked up the book and a reviewer said it details 30 of these "trials" that went WRONG. Tell us what to do correctly, rather than detailing THIRTY FAILURES. I'm not being mean here but it's a bit too OCD to be enjoyable or truly helpful. Totally don't understand why you didn't just pipe right onto the reverse side of the printed sheet of circles (or onto a clean sheet set atop the printed one.) The most bizarre – highlighting the 4 "edges" of each circle.

  6. First of all, you've got the "chemistry"-part all wrong. When baking french macarons, the ovendoor should be shut. Simply because the damp/moisture helps building a stabilizing pressure inside the oven, AND it also has a sort of "boiling" function. This creates a combo of boiling & baking, & means you depend less on plain oven heat, wich is the the heat that alone does the frying and finally the burning. So, with the "boiling" effect added, you should be able to get your macarons baked without a "brown'ish" finish. Temperature should be 325 F.
    Btw. the filling is NEVER meant to soften the macaron !!! >.< In fact, macarons are ALWAYS chewy, from the moment they're out of the oven, without any filling. Crispy shells on the outside, & moist & chewy inside, that's what you want. It's macarons you're making, not macaroons.
    If your macarons tends to get hard/dry, you might want to try & skip the tapioca, and whip the egg-whites the italian way, for a the most stable batter. 😉 I actually only use a few drops of lemon as a stabilizer for the italian batter, but then again warm weather isn't a big problem where I live.

    If baking plain meringue (only eggwhite, no almonds) THEN you keep the door open, like you did. 😉

  7. Thank you for sharing with the secret of making Macaron with no hollows. I have a question- don't you think that by adding tapioca starch you distort the original taste of Macaron. It may can make them not softer,

  8. Have you ever try to use dry freezes fruits to have natural color. ..I don't use a lot of food coloring in my bake good. I tried with dry freeze raspberry and strawberries so far so good…but I used Italian method. ..wonder if I can use french method.

  9. Hi. Great tutorial. I appreciate the details.  I made some of these a couple of weeks ago and they did not turn out. I really feel as though I can bake anything so I was extremely disappointed.  Lots of details!! I am wondering why you let the egg whites sit out for so long or why at all. I realize they should be at room temp but 3-5 days seems excessive.

  10. Thanks for the tips and tricks!  
    Suggestion:  Use a digital thermometer with a wired probe because it is way more accurate than the analog oven thermometer.  
    And for all those people complaining about the length of the video… If you don't have the patience to watch a video which isn't even an hour long, how will you have the patience to work at and perfect a macaron?  

  11. hello paula,
    i have more questions for you:

    1. is it better to use silpat paper or baking paper?
    2. icing sugar or powder sugar?
    3. i use electric oven with heat from top, from bottom or both (from top and bottom) what should i use? and the 3 tray position top, middle and bottom, what shoul i use too?
    4. what the temperature and how long to make perfect macarons? (not underbaking or overbaking)

    i've make macarons 4-5 day ago, but it's always underbaking in the inside of macarons and the top of macarons alway cracked :((
    please give me your advice 
    thanks you so much paula 

  12. Hi Paula! Thanks for the great video, I learned so much! 🙂 I have two questions, when you baked the macarons, did you stack two baking trays together and bake one tray with one stacked under? And also, where did you get your baking trays?

  13. also there's a recipe that need 50gr white sugar, 100gr egg whites, 200 confectioner's sugar, 110 gr ground almond. So how many gr of tapioca starch should I use ? what is the scale for all the ingredients ?

  14. Paula, I tried your recipe with tapioca flour. Mine came out perfectly with feet and no hallow shells. However, they are crunchy, not soft and chewy. Do you know why? What did I do wrong?

  15. Wow!!!!! Awesome Video!!!!! Thanx 4 all the great tips, I made Macarons one time & they came out Perfect!!!!! It was 1st time I had Ever even tried them LoL. Yours look much "fuller" inside. Mine were soft & yummy & had the lil feet but they didn't look that high….. Hmmmmm will try again using the Tapioca Starch. I didn't use that. Aged the whites 3days so. Thank You!!!!!! ♡♥♡♥♡

  16. I followed your recipe step by step and I over mixed the batter. This was the third time I've made macarons and I keep on over mixing. My macarons were thin, had feet, were hollow and browned a bit. I also used a convectional oven. What are some tips you can give to not over mix.

  17. from JV Calif:  Yes Paula .But its ok now. I use Tapioca starch and i make a bit small size of macaroon.I adjust my over and my heat.My macaroon works perfect. Really Tapioca starch helps alot.Thanks alot for that tips. I got one more Q Paula. Instead of Almond meal or flour can i use Coconut flour for may macaroon? Thanks again you really got amazing tips.Help 

  18. Macarons, Math, Science, and Art, provides you with an unusual, though scientifically sound combination of ingredients and techniques to create the perfect macaron—ruffled feet, smooth tops, and completely filled macaron discs.

  19. Hi! I keep the unfilled shells in freezer bags for two weeks at room temp or place the bag of shells in a container and put in freezer for several months. Filled macs can go hold up well in fridge for two to three days, depending on the filling.

  20. Yes, sometimes I use both the gel and the powdered coloring if I want the color darker. The color usually lightens up once your bake the macarons. And because every brand of coloring is different, when the macarons come out of the oven, sometimes they are not the same shade as before they were baked — especially this particular blue in the video. This blue came out more on the greenish side.

  21. Yes Paula .But its ok now. I use Tapioca starch and i make a bit small size of macaroon.I adjust my over and my heat.My macaroon works perfect. Really Tapioca starch helps alot.Thanks alot for that tips. I got one more Q Paula. Instead of Almond meal or flour can i use Coconut flour for may macaroon? Thanks again you really got amazing tips.Help a lot.

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