How to Make The Best Chinese Lo Mein ~ Chinese Food Recipe


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  1. I see in your lo mein recipe the sauce seems to blend in to the dish….. could I use more water if I want more deiu as its usually quite yummy from the Chinese takeaway…thanks…

  2. Tess, I am confused about cooking noodles. Luckily, I have access to fresh lo mein yellow and white egg noodles. I've seen recipes that only cook them for 1 minute and remove, but you cook yours for 4-5 minutes. I have been putting them into boiling water, and when they come back to a boil, cooking them for only a minute longer. What is the best method for cooking fresh noodles?? Thanks! I am glad you left out the sugar. Trying this tonight!

  3. (Just a joke, OK guys?) I must be half Italian and half Asian because I love lo mein and spaghetti. Almost any Asian food (not crazy about sushi and such (YUK!!!!!!)) I'll eat. Love ya Tess, thanks for the vids!!!!

  4. Pay attention with the heat…'s have to be high pressure heat …that can only be done by a High Pressure Stove….to upscale the Aroma !!….and little…skill how to play with the Stove heat..!!…..and for the Noodles try to use a Chop stick..or a Ladle it won't break the noodle shape…and play with the Pan by lifting once in a while and move it back forward to help…the Noodles Blending with the other Ingredients !!

  5. I made this and it was delicious!! I kept going back for seconds… and thirds… Lol. Total hit in our house. Thank you Tess 🙂 I'll be trying your chicken and broccoli casserole next. Thanks for sharing your awesome recipes!

  6. Looks nice n delicious in fact.. I only have a question.. I mean I'm a Singaporean Chinese n Lomien is actually noodles with braise sauce.. Not stir fried in fact… This is more like a fried rice noodle style thing.. It's like a Hokkien mee or hongkong mee style.. But not with brasie sauce… Well done though haha! Looks gd to me!! Thanks for the recipe ?

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