How to Make the BEST Chicken Chop Suey – Chinese Food Recipe


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  1. This looks tastey. Im trying to find recipe for the NY style chinese take-out chop suey in a clear sauce that tastes of garlic. I think they use white pepper but no dark sauces & no ginger. This recipe is very close though & definitely looks delicious.

  2. Can you make a video of cooking Singapore style hokkien me noodle? I like to learn it from you,thank you very much.and I cook choupsuey it is so nice😊my boyfriend like it 😊thank you..

  3. The basic marinate for meat in Chinese food is soy sauce, salt and a pinch of sugar (plus pepper and/or wine and/or chilly/hot pepper for some). Oyster sauce mainly goes in the sauce. This is true even for Americanised "Chinese food" like chop suey. Indeed, what you are making is just a common Chinese dish we normally have at home although we don't have a specific name for it and we can use any ingredients we can think of/have in the fridge. Also why did you leave the chicken to marinate in room temperature instead of keeping it in the fridge?

  4. Invented in the late 20th century??? Don't think so. My Dad use to tell me that he and his brother would go to the Chinese restaurant in his neighborhood in Dallas and both get a big bowl of Chicken Chop Suey for a nickel each … That was back in the 1920's.

  5. Seem as terrible food, because the Core principles of Chinese food is duration and degree of heating. it saw just put all things together and cook thoroughly.

  6. I made this for lunch today. It was easy and quite good and not dissimilar to the chop suey served at the closest Chinese restaurant. One suggestion: try toasted sesame oil for extra flavor instead of regular vegetable oil

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