How to Make The BEST Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork 叉烧) Simple, Easy Recipe


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  1. pakistani food is way better than chinese, they are eating haram pork, we r frnd with china but our gov should teach them what they r eating is not good, they r eating pigs yuuuckkkk even there was dog festival recently, chinese brothers should change their eating habit

  2. I use Li Kum Kee Char Siu sauce from the Asian market. It is a premixed sauce which saves lots of time. The pork comes out perfect. I like to use the country style cut pork.

  3. Made it tonight. Followed exact directions and it was amazingly delicious. Going to be making it regularly now. People who love char siu must definitely try making this. Thank you for an awesome recipe. ^_^

  4. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how powerful the oven is! Take 1 whole piece of marinated pork and put it into oven and Viola! Out comes 3 individual pieces !

    On a serious note though, great job , Mike ! You make it really easy to follow for people who are interested in trying the recipe :D

  5. I tried this recipe with baby back ribs (cut at each rib) and it tastes just like the ribs you get in Chinese restaurants! (Every time I would ask how they made them, they would say something like "It's a secret recipe…..Now, I can make my own! Keep your damn secret recipe……)

  6. Hey Mike, amazing video. It was shocking to know that one of my most cherished childhood side dish (fermented bean curd) is used to make this! I had no idea!

    Quick question tho, after the pork is marinated, I was curious if I can pop this into my crock pot as I literally do not have an oven in my studio apartment :(

  7. Not sure if I can get my hands on red fermented tofu around here, but all the other ingredients shouldn't be a problem. I'm gonna make this next sunday..

  8. I'm such a maverick. I like breaking the rules. Since I can't eat pork anymore I will experiment with other fatty meats You can do the same, too. To all you char siu Nazis, "Oink oink." 🐷

  9. Please let me and my buddies take you out anywhere in NY for Chinese food! Your videos have truly inspired us to try so many new things. In the last few months since discovering your channel, we've been to so many great places in Flushing, Chinese and Korean supermarkets, made our own spicy oils and the list goes on. If you can't take me up on my offer I'll completely understand, but please know that you have truly changed our lives for the better. Thanks Mike!

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