How to Make Tasty Beef Wet Fry || Beef Wet Fry Recipe | Nyama Wet Fry


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  1. What you bring to the video is interesting and valuable. That value you create for your passion. Please respect it as if you were encouraging you. Please share with each other good things for mutual development. Wish you love happy and happy.

  2. In my place we would use a took pick and take pick these yummy beef one after the other until they are finished. Meanwhile it goes down well with a bottle of chilled drink. So yummy!

  3. You have different way stage of putting onions 🧅 me I usually roast it with oil first then add meat 😅but i like your way you get real taste. Gosh that recipe of meat looks so delicious. Gal you have access ya royco lucky🥰 its good to go with rice 🍚 Ugali n chapo 😋

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