how to make Tarte Flambee (flammekueche recipe) – Cream, Bacon and onion Tart – German Pizza


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  1. Made it last night, one person serving size, rich, delicious, and surprisingly fresh tasting. I took a pic, but don't know how to share it here. What I like in the demo, was what to salt and what not to, and the nutmeg would be something I wouldn't have guessed, but was so good!

  2. This is wonderful, thank you so much. I just made this for dinner and it was perfect. It made me remember my grandmother cooking this and fleishnacka for us after a long day playing outside. An excellent change from what I usually cook too. I live down in New Orleans, and run a small catering company. Given that 90% of what I cook is cajun and creole food, or more stereotypical German food the rest of my family taught me, this was a perfect change of pace. You've made me so happy, I cannot begin to describe the nostalgia this brought me.

    If you ever find yourself in New Orleans and want to see what we did to French Cooking down here in the bayou, send me a message. I'd love to show you around.

  3. Oh, tarte flambee, how I love thee! Seriously, it is definitely one of my favorite things about Alsace! For those of us who are lazy or don't have enough space to actually roll the dough, they sell already made crust as well. Usually when my friends and I go to the restaurant we end up ordering 4-5 of these, plus the one for dessert, with apples, cinnamon and sugar, set on fire with alcohol.

    Merci, monsieur chef de cuisine!

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