How To Make Taiwanese Hot Pot at Home


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  1. okay but this isn't hotpot. this may be a very warm pot, but ITS NOT HOTPOT! WHAT IS TAIWANESE HOTPOT? Can you do some more research before you decide to cook shit like this cuz it's really misleading for people who have no idea what hotpot is and then in the future when they see real chongqing hotpot in a huge metal pot they would be confused

  2. The broth she made is rather westernized than traditional Taiwanese or chinese as normally the bones would just be boiled from the start. With spices. Not roasted or seared etc.

  3. I lived in Taiwan for 14 years and think Ma La Huo Guo Spicy Hot Pot is one of the best foods in the world. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I suggest adding vinegar to the egg and BBQ sauce, it is so good. We als get Sichuan packages from the grocery store, it is not the best but it is acceptable.

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