How to make Tagine! Happy Pear Moroccan Inspired Vegetarian Recipe


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  1. I made this for my family and it truly was rocking!! Thank you for another great recipe, i love how you can simply make so much great tasting foods from the lovely plants in our nature! Keep it up!

  2. You guys are seriously pulling me to Team Vegan! I haven't seen all your videos just yet. But I like challenges. I have a few for you. Maybe Vegan versions of MeatLoaf (VeggieLoaf) Vegan tacos and Vegan Lasagna! I really appreciated your creative thought on food, and new inspiration for getting more Veggies in my diet. Oh yeah Pizza. Thanks Guys


  3. … and it´s on the stove to have it ready for dinner when my little son and I come back from an afternoon at the playground. Smells really good already 🙂 Really love your channel and your recipes!

  4. i am going to try that…tamari is never used in moroccan cooking but i am looking forward to taste it combined with the spices and lemon (usually preserved lemon is used which has different taste). recipe is a tad removed from any moroccan one – perhaps better to call it "moroccan inspired" – but looks tasty!

  5. Wow that is super healthy and pack full of flavor food…i want to eat it with bread and some avocado and add some kickin chilli…hehehe tnx lads..ill give it a go tommorow…i noted it on our fridge

  6. I'm Moroccan and I promise you our cousine is bloody rich.
    Here we'd cook this with olive oil rather than tamari sauce, we also would add a pinch of turmeric powder for additional color & flavor 🙂

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