How to make supreme sauce | culinary techniques | French cooking academy


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  1. A technical question; why not add cold stock to the roux while it's still hot? (I know cold roux, hot stock: hot roux, cold stock) Does the final sauce gain something by letting the roux cool?

  2. I love your recipes and would kindly suggest to show the ingredients also in cups and spoons as it is boring to be weighing them. Americans are more relaxed at this and use these terms.

  3. Meh, that sauce was awesome without being sieved! I would use black pepper, finely ground, as I am like you I never have white pepper on hand! Lovely little sauce! So easy! The main ingredient? Patience! I love lemon: I put lemon juice / lemon zest in almost everything!

  4. thank you for a nice video.My first job as a teenager was in a Mexican restaurant,and not long after i began learning American BBQ where the meat is smoked low and slow,but not long after i began to have a serious taste for French cuisine because of Emeril and his Creole and Cajun influences,and of course later when i took a six month Culinary course based on the CIAs curriculum which is of course solidly based on French methods applied to all the world's cuisines.Some of the older or first lessons have faded….but your channel is bringing them back to mind.Again,thank you!

  5. Love everything you do, Stephane! My daughter is watching your videos too, as well ww have started doing what you teach us every weekend now. One question though; is Cayenne Pepper commonly used in authentic French Cuisine?

  6. I have a question! Might not be specifically for this video since I can't find the right one but, What's the point of blanching the onion (to remove its sharpness) before sauteeing for a sauce if when you're heating up the milk you're putting a raw onion with cloves in it?

  7. i was thinking recently, I've bought a lot of cream the last few months to make your recipes, and am i not sure there is anything i like the feel of and taste of in my mouth as much as i like cream

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