How to make Stuffed Eggplant – Rossella’s Cooking with Nonna


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  1. Rossella, thank you for this lovely post.  You know, I'm not one bit Italian, but no matter.  The value of family and tradition is inestimable.  You and your grandmother cooking together.  It's a joy to see (and the recipe looks great too!).  I lost my wonderful grandmother last year, at age 93, but I still have all of her letters and great memories of her delicious oyster dressing at Christmas time.  God bless you and your Nonna.  -T. in Michigan

  2. I make mine the same way except I add a little browned ground pork to the eggplant mixture, I find the pork really compliments the eggplant stuffing nicely. Try it!!

  3. I love it! My grandparents lived in Mola di Bari, my Zia lives in the house still. I love how you are from the same places as me! My family is in Triggiano and Noicattaro. My mom makes this dish! Grazie Anna! Bacione!

  4. Please tell Nonna Anna If she cooks like that all year round I'm ready to buy the Weddeing ring and the furniture to Marry her.Thank you so much Great cooking
    GOD BLESS YOU & Nonna Anna-Bill Petillo

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