How to Make Steamed Chinese Flower Buns (花卷) Simple Recipe


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  1. These turned out a little bland my first try—so next time Instead of using regular salad oil for layering—I used scallion oil mixed with some sesame oil (and a dash of Chinese hot/fire oil). Much more flavor!

  2. Sounds like a date. Im going to score some points tonight, i have all the ingrideints ready, just need to cook, and hope my girl loves every bite.😂

  3. I really love this flower buns. You perfectly done this simple delicious recipe. share us more of your steamed buns recipes. Good luck.

  4. Not used to see sausage being placed in the flower buns, but then I've eaten 饅頭 mixed with cheese, 饅頭 mixed with cranberries, 饅頭 mixed with quinoa, 紅麴饅頭, 紅麴 with dragon eye fruit.

  5. I think it would be completely acceptable for guys to give Chinese buns on a date, as opposed to flowers. 2 Valentine’s Days ago, I gave my husband a dozen pepperoni pizza roses… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I had made some mantou dough earlier and left it in the fridge because I didn’t have anything that would have made a filling. Then I remembered this video and it turned out that I had everything. Making it right now! Thanks!

  7. If you were approaching me with buns, I'd fall for both, especially if you made them yourself!! LIKE your steamy buns, even though we didn't see them in the video. :)p You make me LOL, especially your version of how the buns came to be. THANKS!! Very entertaining.

  8. I did try your recipes, they are just great like you; I want to redo them but I'm gonna cook them in the oven and see how they're gonna look. PS : I don't have a bamboo steamer, I used a regular one, but I covered the top with a towel and it helped😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
    although, I'm Arabic but I love chinese food, keeping up the good work

  9. if they are lactose intolerant .. you can always use goat milk cheese … they arent allergic to that … or make your own cheese and add some goats milk to the milk the day before to make it safe for those who cant have milk

  10. Steamed buns instead of flowers. . . Who's to say you can't? I like getting flowers but I'll be just as happy and greatful to get steamed buns, too! But you better help me eat them lol

  11. the one thing that bother's me about video's like this is the fact that the music deafens you when you are trying to watch it, there is no need, the food, ingredients and instructions are enough, stop with the music already!!!!

  12. omg!! you could put anything in there! garlic salt, rosemary, and parmasean; sundried tomatoes, basil, and pork sausage; cinnamon, vanilla sugar, and chocolate; black sesame and sugar; diced jackfruit; pinapple and bacon! just to name a few…

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