How to Make Spaghetti alla Carbonara | Original Italian Recipe


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  1. Thank you for this video. I made this the other day…it was good at the first bite, but leaves a bitterness in the end. Did I add too much cheese or the eggs not cooked enough?

  2. Ma qui tu hai usato la pancetta e non il guanciale ? ….Sarà forse che in Inghilterra non lo trovi ? Per una romana non usare il guanciale nella carbonara ….bhè… è quasi un sacrilegio. 🙂

  3. Pixie Babe: You're a real fox and I love the accent. We could have some great arguments together … and then make up quickly. But what's with this "get crackling?" That's British, not Italian.

    I'm gonna try your recipe as soon as I can get some Pecorino.


  4. My grandma taught me the Sardinian way to make it with chopped up parsley and White onions. Then you mix the onions and parsley with the bacon and egg. Have you ever heard of that way? Thanks!

  5. Nadia I love your cooking! Spaghetti alla carbonara has always been my favorite but most restaurants in my area uses cream and different cheeses which I can't have (the cream that is). Your recipe is easy and delicious, it's my new go-to for spaghetti alla carbonara! Your #pixiegiveaway is wonderful, your Instagram posts are great, and…YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Thank you for your cooking videos!!!

  6. I managed to make mine really creamy/saucy by just adding a trivial amount of reserved hot water from boiling the spaghetti into the eggs (while briskly beating them).  Some people like it that way…. but, i prefer my carbonara as you've shown it (very little left-over sauce in the pot/pan or on the plate).  🙂

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