How to make… SOY BUTTER PASTA! 5 Ingredient Dinner FIX!


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  1. Hey Donal, great recipe. I recently tried this recipe out and I ❤'d it. Soy, mushrooms and butter is my new go to. I hope you will share some more veggie/vegan recipes xx

  2. Just tried this for my lunch and omg, it was SO GOOD. I didn’t know better and soy sauce work so well together. Have to admit I was having a doubt before putting the soy sauce in but you were right! Will definitely make this again ❤️

  3. Although not cooked exactly this way, cooking mushrooms with soy sauce and butter is actually a very popular way to cook mushrooms in Japan, and pasta like this is also nothing new, it's called "wafu" pasta, meaning Japanese style pasta.

  4. I’ve tried this recipe and omg it is delicious!! At first glance it may be weird to mix butter and soy sauce together but it’s actually a really good combination. Never thought they’d go well together with PASTA. It’s like a three-way cuisine fusion! So innovative!

  5. I feel so sad every time you have to apologise for every new dish that is not traditional. Cuisine evolves. You teach us how to make easy, delicious food with what we have at hand. So what if it runs off from being an old copy. There’s TONS OTHER videos making traditional food as well. Just keep your creativity and continue to inspire us to eat good food.

  6. Anyone who has tried Nigella's (Anna del Conte's) recipe for Spagahetti with Marmite will no doubt love this dish too as the flavour principles are similar. I'm dying to give this one a go!

  7. Woooooo, that's a lot of say sauce! even we Asian didn't use that much of soy sauce per one stirfry. But I have no doubt that this will be delicious (as we always use soysauce in pasta dish as well even marianara!). Would recommended to adjust amount of soy to your taste or add pasta water would also a great tip.

  8. That's kind of common to use soy sauce and butter, even as pasta sauces in Japan. actually, there is such a thing soy sauce butter and mushroom sauce that you can buy at supermarkets as well, love your recipes

  9. simple and clever.
    tbh I thought it was a vegan recipe cause I read "soy butter" in the title, then I saw "soy & butter" and I realized it is not. but that's fine, I'll replace butter with margerine.

  10. The Japanese do actually make a kind of pasta using soy sauce! It's called wafu style pasta and it's made using dashi broth, soy sauce, Mirin and an assortment of mushrooms. Some recipes also call for butter.

  11. I know it's delicious, cause I been using soy sauce with mushroom and garlic in my pasta for the longest time. Add one small Thai red chilli and it's will bring the dish to another whole new world! LOL.

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