How To Make Soba Noodle Soup (Recipe) 温かいお蕎麦の作り方 (レシピ)


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  1. Looks so good! I just bought some soba the other day and have been hankering to try some. But the weather's been a bit cold so this is pefect 😀 Thank ya!!!

  2. Very nice! I made a trip to Tokyo last week for my son's wedding to a beautiful Japanese girl. Her parents gave me Soba noodles from Niigata Japan to bring to the US as a gift. But I'm vegetarian so I guess I have to make some modification to your recipe. I'm Filipino and Soba noodles is similar to Filipino Pancit. I ate so much Soba in Japan. Love this noodles!

  3. I will! My hubby cooks most of the times but I miss my mom's Japanese food, when I saw your videos, the preparation, the music and the yummy look, it made me so happy! I will start cooking more!

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