How to make Shio Ramen – Japanese recipe – no MSG ramen 簡単和風塩ラーメンレシピ


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  1. This method is incorrect in many ways, first of all, when making the broth you can combine the kombu and skip jack tuna or bonito. The broth should be made and served over the noodles without the skipjack tuna remaining in it, it should be filtered out. And who the heck adds full chunks of garlic…. dude, add the garlic to the broth, simmer it in the broth for a while and filter it out with the skipjack…. my suggestion, look up how to make dashi stock, look up how to make the ramen you want, (tonkotsu, shio, miso). Dont do this, its sloppy.

  2. This looks so good!!! Looks authentic! Ill have to see if I can find all the ingredients tho first to make this! Lol what what the greens you used as the topping!? Thanks so much for posting! God bless! 🙂

  3. It's much more work with chicken or pork soup. This dash based shio ramen is easy, fast and delicious. Garlic oil makes it taste more like ramen. Actually, this tastes similar to seafood based shio ramen of Setagaya in NYC which originally from Tokyo.

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