How to make Shake Shack Cheese Fries ! HD RECIPE


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  1. No cornflour that's lazy and bad flavour. The original recipe for the cheese sauce is infused cream with lots of cheese. It's only cheese and cream that thickens it.

  2. Can i do it without cayenne pepper?? I mean cayenne pepper is only to make the cheese sauce spicy right?? I dont want it spicy so i want to skip the cayenne pepper. Does it make any changes to it taste??

  3. Hey ich war in NewYork und da waren sie so lecker das ich sie gleich mal nachmachen muss! kannst du mir sagen welchen Käse du verwendet hast ? Sollte man so ein "Käseklotz" verwenden oder reicht da auch der schon klein geraspelte in den Tüten ? danke Schonmal für das Rezept im Vorraus ! 😊

  4. Shake Shack Fries are fine, but in the US anyway, the real star of the show is the absolutely spectacular double bacon cheeseburger…you simply wont find a better burger anywhere in the USA….not certain if the beef in UK is of same quality so unsure how good the Shack burgers are there…there are many great French fries places thoughout the USA, but the burger here is untouchable

  5. How advertising ruins your videos:

    Suggested by Awesome Eats How to make Thai Ice CreamAF AND ITS CONSIDERED A SALAD IN… something. hang on let me get rid of this annoy-oh nevermind too late. Let me rewind a bit… Oh it said america. Ohhh adding a green leaf! k then. 😐

    Otherwise its a good video!

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