How To Make Seitan From NORMAL Flour || BEST VEGETARIAN VEGAN MEAT Recipe


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  1. Yep brilliant- apparently you have to boil it in soya sauce- some chemistry thing. Can I use your sausage machine James- & what ate you going to use for the skin? Believe you can mash it with oats add some sage- voila-

  2. I've been making seitan like this for a week now. It's amazing, so cheap and so easy. It's a lot of fun but very messy, well worth it though. I'm gonna buy a sausage machine and start making vegan sausages 🙂

  3. ☹You jumped a few steps☹
    👎🏿You didn't show the part where you turning it to Bacon/Steak/Nuggets (seasoning and all that)
    🤔How do you do that?
    🤔😁😁Is there a follow up video.
    If so please share

    😂😂As gross as that looks, when you taking it out the water, 👌🏿 i still want to try it home.

    😀Thank you for sharing ❤

  4. A great eco,science & cooking lesson, & sound economics- the Lego of cooking. Teach kids something useful for life folks when the cows run out to play. Amazed at this cannot praise you enough. Any ideas for the starch imbued water? Seems a waste to throw it.

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