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  1. Yay no cheese. I hate when people add cheese and call them scalloped when they mean au gratin. I will be making this but ill whisk the butter, milk, and flour together and just pore over. I don't eat dairy so ill use vegan butter and soy milk.

  2. So many great ideas from viewers my mum always used pet milk for everything especially baking and garlic. The true best scalloped potatoes came from Irish ladies that my mom's friends had. Had to listen hard with the thick Gaylic accents kinda hard. So any Irish laces play ad your mom's receipts

  3. Just made this and it turned out real good. Had to heat on the higher heat bout ten mins longer til it boiled but only about fifty mins on lower heat. I also added chopped up leftover turkey n ham from thanksgiving. May added cheese n bacon next time. Theyre right no stirring or fussing.

  4. Just made this and it was easy and tasted great, I put some minced red onion on each level and when it was almost done I pout some mixed asiago and parmesan on the top, so technically au gratin but I couldn't resist. YUM!

  5. this is such an amazing recipe..the only thing I do differently is ad shredded cheese to eat layer in addition to the butter salt and flour. it's the way my mom in law makes them and they turn out amazing everytime.

  6. its nasty just spreading flour in the layers, you should add butter and flour in a suase pan on stove and make a rou, then add milk, bring to a boil, shut off from heat, add cheese, and pour over your layers. Make a much better consistency.

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