How to Make Restaurant Style Egg Drop Soup | Soup Recipe |


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  1. I went to the site you told me about but it still doesn't look right. It looks like water instead of thick yellow soup. Hard to explain. I tried to ask how they make it at the place i go and get it but they will not tell me. Thank again

  2. I followed the recipe exactly, but I have fond that adding a extra egg yolk or two helps the color, thickness, and flavor. I also let it sit off hear and with a lid on. But I personally like my egg drop soup a little thick.

  3. I get this egg drop soup from a restaurant called Teppanyaki and it looks more thicker than this one. It is more yellow looking as well. I am trying to find a recipe so I can make it myself at home when I can't go and get it.

  4. it was delicious thanks for the recipe please come out with more videos like it I'm learning how to cook more recipes and when I go to the Chinese restaurants I get that soup now I know how to make it

  5. tip: to prevent the egg from getting rubbry; Add stir little cornstarch to the EGG before pouring it in, this will inhibit the egg proteins from gelatinizing

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