How to Make Red Wine-Braised Short Ribs | Bon Appétit


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  1. I just made these yesterday and short ribs in general for the first time. It was amazing! So so good. Made them With Ina Garten's Herbed New Potatoes and I can't wait to make it all again. Funny how they threw raw or barely cooked 🥕 in at the end to make it look fresh, cause the carrots don't actually look like that after three hours in red wine.

  2. Why do cooking shows always describe their pots and pans as 'very hot'…. can you give a temperature? I know that every stove will be a bit different in its heat output, but even a ballpark would be more helpful than 'very hot'. Other than that, this looks positively delicious!

  3. Big Tip, Pancetta is not smoky. It has zero smoke. I know because I raise Berkshire hogs and make my own pancetta and guanciale and there is no smoke. Bacon is smoky.

  4. You can tell this chick can't cook. someone showed her how r do that like a hr before Showtime. you reduce the red wine to cook some of the alcohol out of it. add tomato paste and flour to the cooked onions before adding the end to thicken. add fresh garlic cloves, rosemary, fresh thyme and then pour over meat in a Dutch oven.

  5. Whenever I braise short ribs at home I end up with that very tough membrane (connecting the meat to the bone) left on each portion. It never tenderizes, even when the meat itself is otherwise falling off the bone. I never see anyone remove it in how-to videos, and it's never tough when I get short ribs in a restaurant. What am I doing wrong?

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