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  1. from england…live in Miami fl…been to jamacia a few time..and the food is outstanding…The one place I feel comfy as soon as I land..jamacia…was raised on cornbread and butter sandwiches

  2. I love corned beef sandwiches. I usually add mayo to make it more spreadable and lettuce and tomato so I won't feel guilty after eating so much.

  3. Yummy…this is also very popular in Anglophone West Africa and usually stuffed in a bagette in Francophone Africa …great for all occasions. Thanks for sharing my lady 🙂

  4. I AM IN LOVE !!! with this channel. JAMAICANS ARE AWESOME !!!!!
    please upload some more warm, homely; deep rooted jamaican dishes like these!!!!
    thanks. God bless your handworks!

  5. Our son is 20 now . We took him to Jamaica when he was around 8 The hotel in Runaway BayOrcho Rios that we stayed at took us on a tour of Cranbrook Gardens . It had a park where we played baseball and then took a long walk through beautiful gardens . He got to fish with a bamboo pole . He was the only child of many to catch 2 good sized fish { we used worms we found under the rocks } everyone else used what ever the tour guide offered . lol  The fish was cooked for us in banana leaves for us to take back to the room with us. They also made these Corned Beef sandwiches for us . but they also put mayo in it . i asked and that is what i was told . Since that vacation i have been making these since with mayo and sometimes without . I have been to Jamaica several times . Each time i cried as leaving . Everyone made us feel so welcomed and it felt like i was already home . Now several yrs later my son is asking us to take him back as he was to young to remember it all. We are currently planning a vacation there again sometimes in 2015 . Thank you so much for posting this . You brought back some of the greatest memories that  i hold in my heart forever . Have a Blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year !!!

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