How to make Ramen noodles from scratch: alkaline noodles recipe


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  1. How do I not get my noodles to stick together? I hardly even put them in water and the become one solid noodle ball that doesn't come apart? Please help

  2. Make your ramen fresh! It has been proven with a stomach camera that conventional ramen you'd find in stores does NOT digest properly as fresh made ramen would! It is an attempt to give you cancer with convenience foods!

  3. I have used a similar recipe before, and often I add a whole egg or 2, depending on how much I make, also extra flouring once you make the nests if you are going to keep it in the fridge a day or two, or Freeze them. When I freeze them, I put them in a container in the freezer, rather than a bag. you can freeze them on a plate first then put them into a container.. then you got "instant" noodles for when you cant be bothered cooking.

  4. We have been eating Lye water added ingredients and my late grandparent, parent all lived up to 88 years old at least and grandma passed away at the age of 100, her son, my uncle is 102 this year -2017 and he is still alive ! So don't worry of Lye water as we didn't drink a Liter each time. Only 1 -2 teaspoons of it in 1 kg of flour. Add just enough Lye added water to the flour and always keep 2 spoons of liquid when you make any dough as the flour may be " wet" or " Moist" so you don't have to finish all the liquid given. Sometimes the flour is too dry, then you have to add in all the liquid or may be 1 more spoon. Rest the dough after knead for awhile so that it will not fighting with you. Since she has the noodle machine, use it , no need to roll by hand.

  5. I ahve been doing just about the exact same recipe for years ( I bake a lot of soda to have it on hand ) but use my pasta machine ( Marcato) which save an ENORMOUS amount of work. I use our standard white flour here in Mexico. Wonderful pasta and great video.

  6. On the day after you made this video, did your fifth grade science teacher show up at your doorstep and threaten to beat you senseless with the CRC Handbook? Did you just pour water into pH 11 powder? So at the very beginning of the pour, you created an INCREDIBLY CAUSTIC AND REACTIVE SOLUTION that, if splashed into anyone's eyes (as directed upward by the vessel containing it) might easily and permanently blind the operator? Really? Whatever happened to adding the solid to the solvent as the Number One Safety Rule?

  7. Why would a person put a recipe that is not correct here. Does he want to tell the world that he is an lying idiot? Try 2 cup of flour and 100 ml of water and you do not get the texture that you see in this video. On top of that he he mention "Do not be tempted to add water" shit, this is stupid! I think he used 1 cup of flour! 3minuteTV is a bad reference.

  8. Just one cotton picking question!! If it will burn my hand what will happen when I eat it? Is this why I feel like my stomach has a hole everytime I eat instant ramen noodles?

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