How to Make Pumpkin Pie and Whoopie Pies – Perfect Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes


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  1. I have never made these before, I just cooked and pureed my pumpkin and found you and love, love you and your brother. I am chilling my pumpkin now and will be definitely making your whoopee pumpkin pie cookies! Score! Thank you for this hit, you two are my new favorites, btw, your videos are off the top professional, koodoes!

  2. so guess you guys don't like butter, cuz that's exactly what you'll get when you overbeat cream. Might not be good for pie topping, bt certainly not disgusting and now way butter can ruin you americans thanks giving feast

  3. Damn, I bought ingredients for another recipe before I saw this, but for the filling, would you recommend the cream cheese over shortening? The recipe said to use shortening but I'm thinking cream cheese sounds a bit better.

  4. 4:03 don't overbeat it or it will break and it will look disgusting and you won't even eat it and thanksgiving will be ruined and your family will hate you

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