How to make pulled pork on Grilla Grills silverbac | pulled pork recipe


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  1. So if the foil was sticking when you pulled it, would that be the reason to go with paper instead? Great video, looks delicious, will be one of the first I attempt once the Silverbac arrives this week!

  2. Those are two beauties, Kevin. I'm looking forward to receiving my Silverback in early June. Congratulation to your other commenter Roger. I have a "egg-like" kamado at the moment. While I enjoy using it my wife doesn't like the "smoke profile" and I'm looking for something more set it and forget it and lighter. I'm hearing great things about the lighter smoke profile with pellet smokers and believe I can hit a "balance" of wood fired flavor that will satisfy my entire family. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your videos!

  3. Great video, I'm hoping to do a pork butt this weekend. In the "show more" section where you have the rub recipe, you should put the details of how many lbs of pork you cooked, the temperature and how long. I always go back to some of your video's for ideas, but you never give me the details!! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the videos.

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