How To Make Proper Croissants Completely By Hand


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  1. Attempt #2 went great and got rave reviews. Attempt #3 was two batches together, but separate doughs as you recommended, which gave me some opportunity to play with different rests, dough temps, etc. and get a better feel for the "right moment" for each step. They came out great. This is by far the best video I've seen on the process–thank you so much for making it! Although I can now cross this off my "baking bucket list", I will never stop making (and eating) them.

  2. This is so much work that I don't think I'd do it regularly, but I want to try it at least once to prove to myself that I'm capable of doing something this complicated! And that I can follow instructions….

  3. I haven't done a lot of baking before so I don't really know about the "right texture" of a dough. I started last night with your croissants and I used a nice artisan bread flour that I had, but I noticed that the dough felt too firm. I don't know if it was my imagination but yours looks a little softer? What should I do in those cases? More water? Should I use a specific kind of bread flour? Or is the firmness ok?

  4. Ok I made these for Christmas and… Wow. Definitely cried a little bit after that first bite because holy shit these are amazing. My artieries are glad they take so long to make (these bitches are RICH), but I would have never had the confidence to try them without this channel, and this recipe is perfect. Thanks Josh!

  5. The people who cook do you realise how much wastage you people make and add to environmental pollution. You used so much of plastic wrap and dumped it into the dustbin which will go through the sewages and eventually floating on the ocean subsequently being consumed by some animal leading to it's death. M a cook myself and I always replace plastic wrap with a cotton cloth. Try and be an environmental friendly chef. It will be really appreciated.

  6. I have made probably thousands of croissants and you literally made the process way too hard. Too fussy. Personally, I think you should show both american cups and teaspoons and grams or whatever. I owned the Hi Spot Cafe in Madrona in Seattle. Like I said, you made too much work for yourself.

  7. Thanks for the hint about using the wax paper to achieve the right size when rolling out the dough and the beurrage. As for your hair – no one should care how you style it but to be fair we did watch you pull a strand off the sheet pans when you set the dough to rise. .

  8. Great dessert ! Which professional bakers make in 1 hour.
    The tortilla press would make this process much more simple.
    Would be really nice to see the end-result 🙂

  9. Great video, only 1 small critique. You went through all that effort to make a video of those amazing looking rolls and you hardly showed the finished product! Plus you didn't break one open and put butter on it and eat it! Its like watching porn with no gratification at the end. Watch Chef John from food wishes, he makes the food then shows it done and eats some of it. If it has some special thing about it like crunchiness he lets you hear it etc. Anyway awesome video other that that.

  10. Excellent instructions and demo, Josh. Am pretty keen to have a go. All that work for 5 croissants? You’re kidding. I’d want at least a dozen in a batch🤗

  11. Great video but you should probably wash your hair if you're going to cook. At least put it up. It took 3 days to make these? Maybe that's why you didn't have time to wash.

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