How to Make Prawn Bisque – Prawn Bisque Soup Recipe


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  1. Most shrimp are farmed from Asia and God knows what ANTIBIOTICS and chemicals went into their body…and shells . I won't use these shells strictly because they are contaminated .

  2. I can't get over the three negative votes. These videos are free, professional quality, precise, and inspirational. You could build an entire repertoire just around this one channel.

  3. just another point , GREAT to see you doing a demo in your HOME, and not in a resteraunt setting, gives us at home greater confidence that it CAN be done by an average home cook, thanks .

  4. nice dish, am doing a certificate 2 in comercial cookery, and this is my next dish in class, a great heads up as to what we are expected to do. just one more thing, when you talk about a flaumbe' flashing the alcohol in the bottle you use the term in-plosion, you mean EXPLOSION- aka a small bomb; in-plosion is what a submarine does at crush depth!

  5. Every time I buy fresh shrimp I tell the fishmonger to remove all the heads and shells and throw them away. From now on I will ask for them in a separate bag!

  6. It's hard to find whole prawns in inland America but Asian markets often have them, fresh, frozen and even live. People never think to look in an Asian market for ingredients for European food.

  7. Merci superbe recette. J'avais essayé une soupe de poisson mais n'ayant qu'un chinois j'ai trouvé que ma soupe était trop liquide. Je suppose qu'avec la moulinette on a un peu de matière qui passe ce qui est excellent.

  8. Chef, seriously…your videos are the most genuine I have seen..I see the passion you have for the Culinary Arts.
    i admire and respect that to the highest degree because I too have the same. just a couple quick questions if you do not mind…#1….what is the reason behind flambéing? is it because the alcohol can't be cooked out (through natural reduction) due to its high percentage (50%) ?…#2 …may I request a video from you? I would like to see a few or your best pan sauces…preferably from the fonde of beef. Chicken and fish is nice too. I was looking for your version of bordelaise…since it is inspired from Bordeaux, France…I know you are native to France…I think…..I just wanted to learn your version…Many Thanks Chef!..

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