How to Make Potato Soup


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  1. So im teaching myself how to cook because my mom works 8 hours every day then she has to come home and cook for 3 hours so she can feed her 5 children, and I wanna be able to help her.

  2. Girl I made this for my family tonight for dinner OH My Word !!!! they went nuts. From age of 14 – 59 they all couldnot stop talking about how good the soup was. Thank u so much anything all of my crowd will all eat with no complains is one for the record books

  3. I’ve made this recipe a few times now & it’s been a grand slam! Everyone LOVES it!

    I do have a question… I follow your recipe to a tee… in the beginning, I put in six slices of bacon.. keep the grease.. put in onion & butter.. then flour. When I add the flour, it clumps up completely and is no longer liquid but super clumpy. I work around this and after it melts in with the other ingredients it’s fine but why is mine clumping and yours doesn’t?

  4. thank you so much for sharing this recipe I always have more potatoes than I normally should and this is a good idea I also have a blender that you have so thank you so much I'm going to try it winter time is around the corner what better way to have some type of comfort food this is amazing thank you

  5. This was a great meal. However it did something that reminded me of a meal I cooked in our ninja foodi a few weeks ago. As it cools it gets a grainy texture. I'm not sure why. The previous meal I used store bought shredded cheese. Tonight I used block cheese and shredded it myself.

  6. OMG people 😄 this is the first time ever making potato soup!😋 👍 and I couldn't believe it. It is the 💣… Thanks again for the cooking videos, I didn't go wrong. I believe I am a shelfboy ID now 😁👍

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