How to Make Pork Curry Indian Style


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  1. I am sorry to say this but you put the pork directly from the store package and forgot to wash it. Also meat has to be at room temperature to be cooked but the pork looked frozen as it stuck together.

  2. will cooking the food .food look good in everything but your pork curry looking very bad .well i know cook is art and u add in anything but suggest    dont add anything who would make it deaster

  3. I would suggest you to glaze the pork (but pork should be in room temperature) and let it rest aside and then use the same pan to glaze the vegetables and then deglaze the vegetables with 150ml of red wine (chicken stock incase you want to make the dish alcohol free) and then add the pork and let it to simmer for around 20 to 30 minutes.

    This is just suggestion and it would be an interesting result.
    Thank you

  4. @ Waseem Raza chicken thighs have about the same consistency at the pork, so you could use that if you wanted to try this dish. As far as I know chicken is halal (I'm not Muslim so I'm not sure). 

  5. This recipe was amazing. I used Panch Phoron instead of the seeds and black peppercorns (because I didn't have peppercorns) and added a bit of coconut milk at the end to give some more richness. Thanks SO MUCH for a quick curry recipe. I LOVE curry but it often has so much chopping and other prep involved that I don't have time to make it on the weeknights.

    PS: For those who don't eat pork you could just as easily do this with chicken thigh meat. 

  6. Awsome, thank you for sharing and please dont mind negative comments, people who dont eat pork please dont watch, in my culture we dont eat beef, that doesnot mean no one else should eat it, enjoy what you can and the rest forget it, cheers!!

  7. Chef could you please explain the reason for boiling the pork in the salt, vinegar and turmeric powder? Is it done to par-cook the pork so that it takes less time in the second phase of cooking with the other vegetables and spices? Am I obligated to do this or can I just cook the pork all together in one pot or wok? Is there something I am missing in the cooking concept or process here? The dish looks lovely and I am eager to try it soon!

  8. First time, I am going to cook Some Pork dish. I jut found yours. It is simple and the Ingredients required are available with me except bok choy, instead i will try to use Spinach. Hope it comes great. And thanks for uploading this video.

  9. Buying the cut of meat actually depends on what are you planning to cook..curry or bbq or pork chops? I usually make stews/curry etc. Determine what cut of pork best suits your needs. 4 main options are shoulder, loin, side, and leg. Each of these cuts have different flavor profiles, tenderness, and size.Sniff the outer packaging before purchasing. If there is a foul, sour smell, the meat is likely old or damaged, and you should not buy it.

  10. i am new to pork eating , When ever i buy pork from the market, it got lots of thick fats , so it does not make as tasty as i expect from it , Please tell me how to buy a good pork from market.

  11. i am new to eating pork , once i enjoy pork curry, I would like to ask which portion of pork is good tasty, when every i buy pork the vendor sells me pok with lot of fats, I dont like pork with fats very big thik fats ..

  12. Thank you. Ginger is a great root/spice to add in your food. Yes, you can increase the heat as per your liking. Hopefully you'll try some more Indian recipes and will give your feedback. Cheers!

  13. This recipe was delicious! I added a thumb of ginger because we like ginger in our Indian food. I also substituted dry mustard powder and cumin powder (as I didn't have seeds). The meat was nice and tender – only boiled about 3 minutes and put in with tomato/bok choy mixture about 3 minutes. Next time will add some more heat. Could be that our curry is not very hot. Great video!

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