How to Make Pork Chop Gravy


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  1. Hah, I did it! I'm in my 50s, and I thought gravy was beyond me, but your video came up in a search, and I tried it.
    I put the flour into the liquid, then, as I was stirring in the additional milk, I tasted it, and it was awful — just a warm, almond-flavored soup. I thought of everything I did wrong — using liquid from the dutch oven pork chop casserole instead of pan drippings, using almond milk instead of cow's milk, not putting in enough flour.
    But then it boiled and bubbled, and I kept stirring (like you said), and the next time I tasted, it was gravy!
    I think what I've done wrong in the past was not using enough flour, and not letting it cook enough.
    We have a family story about the gravy my daddy made that was so bad, the cat wouldn't eat it. My dad died 5 years ago, and you've helped me break my family gravy curse. Thank you for a very helpful video!

  2. The gravy looks delicious. I didn't use to b gud @ it cz I didn't fry the flour long enuf n didn't add enuf milk. It's easy once u get the hang of it. Just keep trying, you'll get it…:)

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