How To Make Overnight Oats | 4 Easy Healthy Recipes


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  1. Never heat food in the microwave – it basically kills all nutrition values. Microwaves are only good for melting butter, heating water and that cold cup of coffee.

  2. Dani your awesome – great video! I'm going to try the blueberry-lemon and the tropical using unsweetened coconut milk for the flavor because I hate shredded coconut. Thank you!

  3. It is absolutely delicious. My whole family fell in love with chocolate overnight oats. I skip the sweetner because I find that the banana adds enough sweetness.

  4. Omg all of them so freaking good. Girl I live for them!!! Dear Danny, even though you said you're not vegan or vegetarian, since watching your videos over the last few years you've made helped me become a really good vegetarian!! Working on being a vegan. Thanks for all these amazing recipes over the years! Is there a book in the pipeline yet? Joe x

  5. OMG Thank you so much for raving about the peanut butter/apple recipe – SO DELICIOUS. I didn't bother adding stevia to sweeten the oatmeal base as the fruit was enough to sweeten – but I always add a pinch of salt to oats which makes a massive flavour difference. #sogood just like you say 😍

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