How To Make Onigiri (Rice Ball) (Recipe) おにぎり(おむすび)の作り方 (レシピ)


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  1. me and my boyfriend just made onigiri for the first time with the help of this video 🙂 i had never made white rice before and wasnt sure the ratio of rice to water. i tried doing what google said by using 1 part rice 2 parts water, but it came out very mushy. then i tried a 1:1 ratio and it was perfect! also, using your hands with salt to form the rice balls make the rice taste better than just using plastic. i hope this helps someone else 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your method for steaming sushi rice on the stovetop. The stovetop method we usually use for any rice is one knuckle of water above the rice, then once the water boils, we turn heat down to low and let cook 15 minutes. It comes out perfectly every time, but perhaps sushi rice requires a different method, so I'll try yours and see how it works. We used to have a rice cooker, but found it took up too much space and wasn't any better than the stovetop method if done right. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for a good and informative video!
    I have just one question – I have got the impression that onigiri is a common snack to bring with one self. How would you keep the thing fresh since rice spoils pretty easy? (Thinking of bacillus cereus and botulinum).

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