How to make Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) RECIPE – おにぎりの作り方


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  1. I'm making onigiri for the kids I watch (for my job) tomorrow! Can I just say I wish I had your hands! They're so much prettier than mine! I'm actually making a filling my friend Yuko-chan taught me to make–beef cooked with teriyaki! We used to eat it while we studied all the time! :D

  2. you really put me back into my high interest in Japan… I ordered Bento stencil sets and all that… One day hopefully I can make it to Japan for a long vacation. I put that idea aside when I started studying and then started a family. but now I want to come so badly!

  3. Are the Nori sheets salted? Should I use the unsalted ones?
    Any Ideas for other kinds of filling?

    Thanks so much for this video, this could be a quick breakfast for most days!

  4. Hi there! I went to a small Japanese grocery store today with the intention of making onigiri. Your video was awesome!!! It will surely help me accomplish this ^_^ Now I have a couple of questions (hopefully you won't mind! :D). I bought "Nishiki brand Medium Grain Rice", because on the bag I saw that it said "perfect for sushi rice". A Japanese friend of mine told me that she uses one kind of rice to make either onigiri or sushi, so I thought this was a clue. Have you ever used medium grain rice to make onigiri? 🙂 My other question was about rice vinegar. I didn't notice you having used any in your video. Is rice vinegar a necessary ingredient to add to the rice, in order for the rice to cooperate? Thank you in advance! 🙂 ~ Jen

  5. Thanks for posting. I made Onigiri yesterday. When I don't want to cook I make many Onigiris. Shiojake or Shake flakes are not available around here so I buy a salmon steak and coat it with salt to make one. They were worth it

  6. Sakura Spring aww memories. I remember my mother making me onigiri.We used to always have them around on the dining table. When the rice got old, she's grill them to make Yaki Onigiri. Yum!

  7. No wonder why mine were always falling apart, I didn't realize there were two stages of applying pressure. Once I run out of our current rice I will have to try it (currently have medium jasmine rice which doesn't work for rice balls). Still unsure about the ume though-I've heard it's rather sour

  8. My husband and I make onigiri all the time (we live in the USA.) I have to agree that it is a comfort food. Glad to know I've been pronouncing onigiri correctly as well. Since we don't eat meat or seafood, I'm really curious if there is other fillings besides the plums that are vegetarian? 

    I'm really happy I found your channel thanks to RunnyRunny999. I'm looking forward to watching all of your videos! :D

  9. That is kind of a piece of Art ! I was wondering when made some おにぎり , what is the trick to put filling in it properly, to not ruin the whole thing , now, I know! By the way, Shinichi-さん! You have sooo beautiful palms and fingers , kinda perfect for a pianist __

  10. so cute – i love onigiri! i tried making these a home years ago for a hanami party and the rice wasn't sticky enough and they fell apart on me =( but now seeing your video i want to try again! my fav kinds to get from the konbini are tuna/mayo, eel and nori

  11. Hey Shinichi !!! Hey to  Satoshi !!! This is what I was Talkin about to ya a while back !!! My Friends Mother would make this for us as a After School Treat !!! Brought Back a Lot of Memories !!! Looks NEXT Level Yummy … Thank You for Sharin your Wonderful Recipe !!! Excellent Video my Friends …

  12. I had watched too many onigiri videos online but this is the best tsukurikata that I had ever seen. It took me a lot of practice to make it for my family and I kept the shape of my onigiri round. You explained it so very well and I'm going to try shaping my onigiri like yours. It's so cute.

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