How To Make Omurice – EASY Japanese Recipe 5 STEPS!


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  1. I always watching your vlogs and your vlogs are really great hope you can make more videos for us who always waiting for your content

    I wish your next content is the famous ok not that famous but can you do A DAY IN MY LIFE

    -philipines 🇵🇭💙🌺

  2. Oh Ian… 😅😅😅 bubbly_4Luv here. And I gave you cooking tips during your live last Fri. I was dying laughing. And a lot of 🤔🤨 haha oh man thanks for the laugh. Simple and easy recipe. And entertaining. Looking good as always. Can't wait for more videos.

  3. 😂😂 omg my guy I can't stand you right now. Genuinely enjoyed the video and hope to see more of them especially your very ah attractive non cringey faces you would make. ❤

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