How to Make NO EGG Japanese-Style Pão de Queijo (Olympic Snack Idea) 白玉粉でポンデケージョ (オリンピック応援レシピ)


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  1. I tried making this but it came out hard (I cooked it for less time) and very crusty…also the inside wasn't soft and chewy, it was dense…what did I do wrong 😢😢 my dough did seem a bit wet but I added more rice flour and it didn't seem to work

  2. I have a question, I buy this type of bread from the Japanese bakery and also at lawson.   But it doesn't harden over time at all.  It is very very mochi and soft even after two days of sitting out on the counter.  I don't know what combination of flour they used to get this texture but I love it and would love to make my own.  Anyone can help?

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