How-To: Make “No Death No Dairy” Lasagna with John Joseph


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  1. As corny as I may 40.been eating shit and drinking for most of my life.switched to a vegan-no-booze project and it works.its boring as fuck,but you get to choose,I guess.rock and roll or friends and family.

  2. At the end of the day I appreciate the vegan message but a vegan lifestyle can become a junk food lifestyle to the body really quickly. Now most people will say it’s all natural and he’s using quality fresh ingredients like the salad and the nuts/avocado and he is and there are great nutrients there but once you starts going up in those fats it’s registers in the body as inflammatory, too much fats alone with do that but with the high carbs and the protein it’s a death trap, sorry, ask a cardiologist, if rather eat the salad raw only leaves just to offset the fat and protein and carbs from the lasagna, save those nuts and avocado for another day lol

  3. Dude I really got love for you and I respect you and your message but you cannot fully say your heart attack proof using that much fat, fat in excess damages your endothelial cells in your arteries, please do everything your doing without oil, vegan is not whole food plant based there’s a difference, you couldn’t hurt yourself on a Forks Overs Knives food regimen (now I’m not saying your food won’t taste better 😝). Beware cooking like this will lead to CVD more so than eating less fat, nut cheese, oil, butter, regardless of being organic or vegan fat hits the body the same way, no bueno, ask the Drs from Forks over Knives they are cardiologists and food scientists, I’m just the fool lol

  4. I must admit I’m not vegan but I love this method for lasagna. Sometimes I do however cut the zucchini into long lasagna noodle like strips too. I love it that way!

  5. I love this guys attitude. Clearly he's made a huge change in his life and I am currently trying to do the same. Creative and rich recipes like these are what makes being vegan enjoyable and easy. Thank you so much for this video, it helped me a lot! Definitely gonna make this

  6. I love John but he doesn't have his food science right 100% of the time. Table salt is heavily processed so a lot of the minerals you find in sea salt are taken out. The NUTRITIONAL VALUE is the same in both.

  7. "I don't want to offend the Italians"

    Too late bud. You did that when you started putting Indian spices in your pasta sauce. And then you made my grandfather roll over in his grave when you added the molasses. All that being said, I respect you for staying vegan. Takes a lot of discipline.

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