How to make Miso Soup – Authentic Japanese recipe – 簡単味噌汁レシピ


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  1. you can also find an asian food market in most cities. sometimes it is difficult to find what you want, but just be patient. things to know, miso paste will be in a chilled section. bonito flakes and seaweed is right next to the sushi stuff in the store i go to, but i cant garintee its location at other stores.

  2. I think you are an expert! My most favorite miso soup is spinach and abura-age (thin fried tofu). I usually use red miso too. More robust flavor than mild and a little sweeter white miso. I only had cheap white miso when I made this video. lol. Miso that's still breathing with a hole on the top of the package is usually great. Daikon miso soup is very popular in Japan and I like it a lot too. Yes, katsuo bushi is expensive. I use it just for finishing touch flavor.

  3. I love miso soup, usually I use Aka miso because it has a strong flavor compared to the white miso and not as sweet. Also depending on my mood or budget as katsuo bushi is very expenisve I used just Kombu dashi or Shitake Mushroom Dashi or even Small anchovie dashi. I use vegies like carrot, broccoli, cabbage or even daikon or button mushrooms but it all depends. 😀

  4. I useally use medium firm or firm tofu because soft silken tofu has less soy protein in it for the same price. It's just a watered down version to make it softer. Tofu is already cooked and refrigerated in a package. You don't really have to cook tofu very long. Just to make the core of tofu warm/hot is good.

  5. oh, I just LOVE miso shiru so badly, its almost my personal craze! I love to make it both in the traditional way and in "freestyle" with all leftover veggies I have.
    Last time I've added a small amount of uchiki kuri (pumpkin) to my vegetable-tofu-wakame-mushroom-shiitake-miso-soup (ok, it was more a stew than a soup…) and I can say… it tasted really, really delicious! There was the sweet flavour of the pumpkin in the soup, which was a perfect contrast to the miso! Really worth trying! ^_^

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