HOW TO MAKE MEAT SUBSTITUTE / Veggie Meat / Seitan using SPELT FLOUR | ALKALINE | Dr. Sebi Inspired


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  1. Thank you for the video. I live in a place where I would not drink the tap water, so I would use bottled water. Can you estimate about how many gallons or liters of water is needed to rinse the flour to produce seitan?

  2. I’ve been contemplating making this for almost 6 Months because the washing process looked so long and man did I miss out this whole time! Finally did it and couldn’t believe how easy this was!! And it was so delicious! Fried it like chicken! Thank you so much!

  3. Hello nice video(s) I tried this recipe and it came out good but my mock meat was way smaller than yours. I used the same amount of ingredients you did except I had white spelt. Is there a reason mine came out much smaller. Well take care and god bless

  4. Why are vegans goals always to re-create meat products? The stuff they go through to feel like they're eating meat is shocking. I'm surprised vegans aren't struggling with staying vegan after continuously eating foods that emulate meat products. I'm so confused.

  5. Wow! Jamaican vegan recipes. Thank you! I'm transitioning and have given up meat but not fish yet. Your channel is very helpful so I won't have to give up all my Jamaican goodness. Gluten breaks me out so this video is great! New subbie here

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