How to Make Meat Buns | Buns Stuffed with Meat Recipe


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  1. OMY GOODNESS!!! I used steak fajita meat and I added jalapenos and I use Monterey Jack cheese with cheddar cheese, oh, my God, these are SOOOOO good!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARIN!! 🙃❤

  2. Half quantity was enough for 4. Delicious, ginormous buns! Bread was super soft. I used a different mince recipe with goa sausages👌. I didn't need to add extra flour while kneading. Pls edit the method in description – almost forgot to cover while letting rise for an hour. Thx for this wonderful recipe! 😁👍

  3. Great recipe. Making this for the 3rd time. One suggestion I have is that when you were making the dough the ingredients were too fast on the screen, kinda hard to keep up. Overall great recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for your recipe. Tried it, and it turned out great. I did my own stuffing of chorizo but the Goa, India style. I think baking for 30 minutes give a greater texture and color. Whateva, family enjoyed it. Thanks again.

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