How to Make Macha Kuzumochi (Japanese Sweet Recipe) 抹茶くず餅 作り方レシピ


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  1. I must have missed this one when I first came out. I love Kuzumochi, or Mizumochi. My half American son loves Matcha flavor in anything. Arigatou!!!

  2. American people call Kudzu "Japanese invader".
    It makes everything green. Even a desert.
    Many American people don't know Kudzu can be eaten.
    Kudzu is also useful for diet.
    I think Kudzu is good for Africa, too.

  3. Well, I did some research and apparently the kudzu growing around here is edible and you can make starch out of the roots so I might try to find some not sprayed with pesticides and try drying the root and grinding it to a powder to try this recipe.

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