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  1. Why allrecepies aren't making more videos?.. I love this channel.. Btw in lebanon they make this soup.. Try it with spinach and lemon.. Wow.. And they make it another version with a pasta or baked home made dough and keshek..

  2. Lentil soup has been a hindu recipe for thousands of years in every lunch and dinner. Please check the South Asian style lentil soup if you want to enjoy a different style of fit, even vegan or healthy with ingredients and utilizing lentil's natural taste.
    This video looks amazing. I want to try this Hungarian style as well.

  3. First of all, this soup was amazing. Secondly i'll have to add that if you use white wine like I did, you may or may not drink the whole bottle while preparing to add it to the soup. You also may or may not pass out after proclaiming the soup to be the, "best shit ever" and wake up two hours later to go get more. Just a note.

  4. Love the recipe, and will definitely try it! Quick question though, is the wine totally necessary, or could substitute it for something, or even leave it out entirely?
    Edit: I'm also vegetarian, so will be using vegetable stock and veggie sausage! Not that that's a question, just saying.

  5. Amazing soup!!! Just made it! I wasn't sure about adding the wine but I'm glad I did it. I exchanged the sausages for smoked chops and add a diced red pepper with the salt 10 minutes before the hour. It got delicious!! Thanks a lot for the recipe!!

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