How to Make Katsu Sando (Pork Cutlet Sandwich) Recipe カツサンドの作り方 レシピ


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  1. Japanese doesn't use thin pork in a fried pork cutlet. When there are no pork cutlet sources, Worcestershire sauce and ketchup are substituted. Mayonnaise and mustard are applied a bread thin. Or only to spread butter.

  2. Ochikeron, is there a way to avoid the deep frying part? I feel that it's a lot of oil and it will be a waste just to fry the pork (in my case it's just me).

  3. Just tried it out and its really good! 😀
    Went to the market yesterday and they selled japanese hot dogs called japadogs! I couldn't try them out and when I went today they were gone 🙁 Do you have a recipe for them?

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