How to Make Japanese Summer Vegetable Curry (Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori Inspired Recipe) | OCHIKERON


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  1. I loved this anime and I have been looking for a Japanese curry recipe that doesn't use roux, because it is hard for me to find roux where I live. This video is actually perfect.

  2. looks delicious, I will make it for my brother tomorrow, he loves your curry recipe so much, I usually make it every weekend. He hates eating vegie but he'll like this version cuz it's curry 😀
    send my love to u from Vietnam <3

  3. I never thought to use these vegetables in curry before (lotus root, okra, etc.) It looks delicious and I cannot wait to try! Thank you!

  4. Hi Ochikeron! Thanks for sharing! I loved this anime when it aired and thought about how tasty this would be in real life! Do you have a recommendation as to how to properly clean the lotus root? I always wonder if i have to clean in the holes if that makes sense

  5. ニンニクとショウガとトマトも溶け込んだカレーに、大きく切った野菜がのって見るからに元気が出そうで美味しそう(笑)これが漫画飯にあるんだ~(笑)素晴らしい!

  6. This looks absolutely delicious! However, I do want to know, is there are reason to cook the onions and meat on a low heat for 20 minutes? They would brown quicker on a high heat. Thanks again for the recipe!

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