How To Make Japanese Pudding ”Purin” (Recipe) プリンの作り方(レシピ)


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  1. Wow I was so mad at you. That was so many steps . And after some hours in the fridge it didn't seem like it was going to set. But I woke this morning and it was heaven in my mouth.

    It kinda reminded me of panna cotta. I remember cooking JC101's version and I loved it but my American friends did not. They were used to a more richer Spanish flan so I know they will love your version which is perfectly in-between yet rich and flavorful. I did add some whipped cream and a cherry to take it beyond heaven.

    Some shortcuts I did due to lack of pots and being a little tired. I did not put boiling water in the blooming jelly but just hot tap water. I did not melt the jelly in a double broiler but when I added it to the milk it ended up melting there. I didn't have the ramekins so I used plastic Tupperware but I love your idea to use a toothpick around the edges and flip it upside down on a pan. hardest part was the sugar in the beginning, especially because my American stove is messed up. It almost started to crystallize but I was able to remember a tip to cover it and it finally melted down into a nice brown syrup. I probably should've started over. I learned a good tip to prevent crystallization is use a little squirt of lemon or vinegar. I forgot to add this though, I like to try a recipe as is as much as possible.

    Thank you.

  2. O MG, I really wanna try it, but what if I don't have a Thermometer?
    how can I know if the mixture is at 71°C? is there another way to know it? please help me, thanks in advance

    greetings from Mexico!

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