How to make Japanese Curry Rice(Box Roux Recipe) カレーライスの作り方


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  1. Curry looks amazingly good, I like "kawatsuki" potatoes too ! "Don't grow up, it's a trap" really got my attention lol

    TabiEats video visuals always impressed me, but recently, the production value got insanely great, just saw your "Shingen-Mochi" video, it was stunning !

  2. Ok, I tried this and yummmm. I used chicken, mushrooms. carrot and potato and rice. I must say, as a Southern Boy, I am not used to 2 starches in a dish (rice + potato) but was surprised. All worked well together. I hope I can remember where I got the box of curry from heh. :)

  3. I just bought a box today, but Im not quite sure about the concentration as Im eating alone and there's only intruction for 12pax which is the whole box. shoud I just use 1 cube and 1/12 of the amount of water stated to cook? btw, I dont really like to eat onions, do you know any altanative ingredients? Thank you!

  4. Wow! The videos on your channel inspire me to want to make Japanese food every day!!! 😀 I have always loved Japanese curry — the texture with the rice is always so incredible. It's almost lunchtime, so I should probably go make some of this food! XD

  5. I love curry rice!!! When I could eat it. =( Do you think there would ever be an easy way to make Japanese style curry gluten free? 

    I especially love the pickled red veggies that come with it….I never know what it's called though! Fukujinzuke?

    Love the videos as always! =)

  6. My family love having Japanese Curry Rice and they have been pestering me to make some for them. So I managed to get the Vermont brand of curry blocks and going to be cooking for them this evening. Thank you for sharing and love all your videos which I learnt so much from it.

  7. Hi there! I wanna try this dish. Can you suggest any curry mix that I can use just in case I don't find a japanese curry roux (not sure how to spell it) here in San Diego? Thanks! :)

  8. I actually made this tonight for my entire family, I used S&B brand curry roux, onions, pork, carrots and potatoes :3 Needless to say everyone loves it and we still have some leftover! (S&B boxes make a lot of curry lol) Thanks for the dinner idea, it was a hit. Also–my brother Chase was laughing and I said what? And he was like, you made Anime food!

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