How To Make Japanese Cheesecake (Recipe) スフレチーズケーキの作り方(レシピ)


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  1. This was so enjoyable to watch! I just came back from visiting Japan (my first time), and I think I will explore more of your recipes. Japan is a beautiful country, and I really admire the Japanese culture (respect and integrity).

  2. Is the lemon necessary? Do you use Any type of cream cheese in particular?
    Had cheesecake at several places throughout Japan when I was there. Loved them all. I really want to make the one from osaka with the little chef burned on to its top and the cow one from hokkaido. Sorry I cant remember their names 🙁

  3. Hi im Chit and you are Nami what are the cheese cake I love cheese cake just kidding what are the cheese cake well I would like to chat like Chitty because im Chit.

  4. I just made this with only 8oz of cream cheese and it was still delicious. And please do not skip the lemon and lemon zest. It adds such a nice, citrusy flavor to the cheesecake. I also added 1/2tbs of vanilla extract. This recipe is a Keeper. ❤❤❤

  5. May i possibly know which brand(s) of cream cheese you would recommend us to bake this cake? Where I live has very limited brands, and i think it is due to the bad quality of my cream cheese that i failed a few times. (I followed exactly to the instruction.) and if i scale down the recipe to a 6-inch cakering, how much shorter do i need to bake it for? Thanks!

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