How to make Italian Wedding Soup – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep. 105


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  1. I prefer the peccorino Romano to the parm regg because the peccorino is far milder – I import both from Italy. It surprised me that you find the opposite to be true. But for these, mostly peccorino with a little parm is nice, I make the meatballs with mild minced lamb. The lemon is lovely with the lamb as well. Great dish!

  2. I use a whole chicken & start like a reg chicken soup, use gr.chuck,veal & pork for meatballs & always use chickory or escarole. At the end I beat several eggs with Parm cheese and add to soup and stir for a few mins til done. Serve with Italian bread. Yummy have this at least once a month.

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