How to Make Italian Salami ( Calabrian Style ) – Best Salami recipe @l'uomo di casa


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  1. Thank you so much for all your videos. I have a question. Here in the USA we are very concerned about eating raw meats because the standards of raising animals for consumption is just not as high as in Europe. I have been in Italy many times. Iam originally from Germany and love Italian meats. But I am just concerned about buying meats here in the USA for dry aging. What kind of meat should I buy. Just any, from any store or should I watch for certain things? Also, could you give some info about molds. Dangers and what to watch out for to make sure I don't get sick following your recipes? Thanks for your videos.

  2. Hello, I have looked at many of your cured sausage/salami recipes and in all of them, you say to put sausages at 20C x 1-7 days then put in basement at 10-15C until sausage is done. Can you tell me why the sausage should be put at room temperature first before putting in colder temperature? You do not put bacteria cultures in your sausage mix so I do not understand why the sausage needs the warm temperature first. Thank you and I enjoy your videos.

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