How to make Italian Meatloaf – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep. 102


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  1. I really like your nail polish, I'm aware it's an old video but I'm trying my luck maybe it's one of your favourite's and you do remember the name.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Laura. Nice recipe. Here in Greece we have a similar dish, in which we use ground beef with onion, garlic and spices. We put in the loaf the hard boiled eggs as you do, and we boil it in tomato sause. I will send you in private message our recipe for this meat loaf to make it and tell me if you like it and so to make an episode with that recipe.

  3. Wow, i have never heard of this way of meatloaf. Except we always did boiled eggs inside for our own but i wanna try your way. Its cool to check out your humble beginning episodes. 🙂

  4. Made this tonight for my Beau and my family. Huge hit! Couple changes. Used an Italian cheeses blend. Added red and green bell peppers to the onion garlic sautee. Made one without the salami so I bumped up the seasoning. Added rosemary, basil and sage. Made a basic gravy no one used because the load had so much flavor and was moist. Sides. Yellow rice and greens beans cooked with smoked turkey, potatoes, clove of garlic. Not a fan of meatloaf myself but this right here is hands down a WINNER. THANKS LAUREN 🙂

  5. First time I made this was about 10 or 12yrs. ago I make it without the cheese going to add the cheese next time, my family loves this dish. I've also tried it with peas in the center, I love cooking and just adding or just trying new recipes. I guess growing up in an Italian household just does that.

  6. Oh my god I made this for dinner with her carbonara recipe using orzo instead of spaghetti and now I'm eating it two days later and it's still so so yummy even if the meatloaf cracked.

  7. Just a simple strategy for those who are trying to sub turkey for beef in a lot of dishes; I've been making meatloaf with turkey for a while, and I add either a beef bouillon cube, or a pack of lipton's beefy soup mix, and it works wonders. Turkey has literally 0 flavor, but either of those products make it taste surprisingly meaty.

  8. hey! just thought about that TV show the next food network star. the best advice they gave was to not talk too much! you're a sweet woman, but the repetition with "you know, a lot like my mothers recipe", said ground turkey a million times. to work on that would put you on top! I promise I mean well.

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