How to make HOT & SOUR SOUP – Indian Chinese recipe


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  1. i think i am going crazy over your recipes! if there is a thing called binge watching..i am just doing that to your videos! 🙂
    i wish you had some more uploads for vegetarians like me.. 🙁

  2. On using fresh ginger and garlic: "What's the alternative? There is none… suck it up. Cut up some fresh ginger and garlic. You can't substitute the burst of flavour you're going to get into the soup."  Tell it like it is!!  You are so right.  Love your delivery.
    I'm going to make this recipe this weekend, but with extra spice.  The nexttime I make it, I'm going to substitute won tons for the meat.  Hot and sour won ton soup is my favorite.  Won Ton soup broth is sooooo bland.  Best of both worlds.
    Thanks for a well-organized, detailed video.

  3. There is nothing Indian-Chinese about hot and sour soup. It is Chinese.  Hot and sour soup in the UK taste different too. Every international cuisine is slightly modified for local taste bud.

  4. I made this for my family as we broke our fast today, it was soooooO good! Thanks so much for replying to my comment and posting this video.

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